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PA Child Protection Laws & Clearances

PA Criminal History Check »   -  Free of charge for volunteers, as long as you check the 'New Record Check (Volunteers Only)' button.

PA Child Abuse Check »              -  You must create an account to obtain this clearance, also free of charge once every 57 months for volunteers.

FBI Background Check »            -  NOT REQUIRED if you have lived in the state of Pennsylvania for 10 years or more.

Affidavit of Compliance »          -  This form must be printed and signed. Once completed, please email or mail the form to EYSA.

Concussion Training

  • The Pennsylvania General Assembly, in 2012, passed the “Safety in Youth Sports Act” to help prevent the growing number of concussions and severe brain injuries among student athletes.
  • Under this law, all coaches are required to complete a concussion management certification training course every year if they wish to continue coaching.
  • To launch the online course, click HERE, or on the CDC ‘Heads Up In Youth Sports’ image below. It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.
  • Following completion of the Heads Up In Youth Sports course, you will be provided with a personalized and dated certificate. Submit a copy of this certificate to the Risk Management Officer, Shelley Fayewicz.

Risk Management

  • At the start of every ‘soccer year’, all EYSA coaches must submit a Risk Management Application through our state affiliate, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA). Additionally, you must update this registration if there is a change to your personal information or volunteer role/position at any time during the ‘soccer year’.
  • The current soccer year begins 8/1/2018 and will end on 7/31/2019. All coaches must complete the application for 2018-19, even if you completed it in a previous soccer year.
  • Once complete simply inform the Risk Management Officer, Shelley Fayewicz, so completion of your application can be verified. No documentation need be provided.

Coaches Manual

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