Resources for Parents

Spirit Wear

Exeter Youth Soccer Association partners with Sneaker Villa to offer branded clothing to our supporters. You can view a list of selections from their order form.

Parent Pledge

Our organization is committed to the principles of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). Therefore, we ask that you read, sign and return this Parent Pledge form to your child’s coach or any appropriate representative of our organization.

Rules and Guides

FIFA Laws of the Game [PDF]
Here you can read the latest updated version of the Laws which were last modified at the Annual General Meeting of the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

Laws of the Game Made Easy [PDF]
Laws of the Game Made Easy was aimed at those participants who want to know more about the laws that govern how soccer is played but who may find the traditional way of presenting them difficult to appreciate. Soccer is fun. Learning about its laws can be entertaining, enjoyable, and maybe fun as well.

Offside Made Easy [PDF]
This booklet, Offside Made Easy, intends to continue the theme of Laws of the Game Made Easy by focusing on one of the more misunderstood areas of the law. Offside decisions may confuse people because they are not looking at the play on the field the same way as the officials have to look at it in order to make these decisions. Offside Made Easy approaches the topic by breaking the offside law into logical, easily presented parts and then uses many illustrations to demonstrate how officials enforce this law.

Further Reading