A Note About Uniforms

June 30, 2016

Fall 2016

If your child is new to the travel program, be sure to order his/her uniform from Sneaker Villa in Exeter ASAP. The cost is $90 and includes: Blue game jersey, white game jersey, blue shorts, blue socks, and two alternate color practice jerseys. Why practice jerseys? The club no longer issues colored pinnies so players should wear a practice jersey - and bring alternate color - to each practice. NOTE: Order practice jerseys big so your child can use them for the next few years.

Fall 2017

We chose Xara uniforms because they offer a longer run cycle than other manufacturers. We are at the end of this cycle. Effective Fall 2017, all players in the travel program will need to purchase new uniforms. (You won’t need to re-order practice jerseys, however, unless your child needs a bigger size.) We realize this means some parents will be buying uniforms two consecutive years but unfortunately there is no way to avoid this. Exeter remains one of the least expensive youth soccer clubs in Berks County, offers year-round training programs, and our uniform costs are among the cheapest.

Feel free to contact EYSA President Todd Reinert if you have any questions or concerns.