Evaluation Schedule

Player Evaluations

EYSA players registered for 2007-2010 (U9-U12) for the fall season are required to attend both nights of evaluations on the nights designated by the club. A third party in cooperation with EYSA volunteers will be utilized for evaluations. Player evaluations will rate a player among their peers of similar age level and gender on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories; Technical Ability, Tactical Ability, Physical Fitness, Behavior, and Attitude. Evaluation scores will be used to place the player on the appropriate team for the following soccer year. Any discrepancies between week 1 and week 2 evaluation scores or any players’ status in question will be reviewed by the Evaluation Committee made up of the Boy’s Director, Girl’s Director, CPD Director and at least one other pre-determined board member. The Evaluations Committee will use previous year’s evaluation scores along with coach evaluations and opinions to appropriately place the players on a team. Players wishing to play up an age level must indicate so at registration and attend two weeks of evaluations for both age groups. A player wishing to play up must score higher than 50% of players in the older age group to be eligible for consideration at the higher age level. A player eligible to play up will not be guaranteed placement on the highest tier and will be placed appropriately. The Boy’s and Girl’s Director have the final say regarding player placement while considering and representing the Evaluation Committee’s suggestions. Parents that are not currently on the EYSA Board of Directors may not contact or communicate with evaluators or members of the hired party before, during, or after evaluations.

Missed Evaluations

Any player who misses player evaluations will not be eligible to be placed on a top tier team. Previous evaluations and coach evaluations will be utilized for review by the Evaluations Committee to place the player on the appropriate team outside of the top tier for the given age group. If one evaluation is missed due to sickness, the player may attend the next night’s evaluation if available and with approval of Evaluations Committee. This cannot be done for more than 1 week’s evaluation or without approval from the Evaluations Committee. If a player misses one week’s evaluations due to a game or performance (not practice), the single evaluation score paired with previous evaluations/coach evaluates will be used to place the player on the correct team. Any missed evaluation must be approved by the Evaluations Committee prior to the missed evaluation.

Note: Missing an evaluation may result in being placed on a lower tier team if available resources do not present a clear direction for team placement.

Injured Player

The Evaluations Committee must be notified prior to the first day of scheduled evaluations for the respective age group for any player who cannot participate in evaluations due to injury. This includes players who are not medically cleared to participate or someone whom the EYSA Board of Directors determines as not able to participate. The injured player is required to sign-in at evaluations on at least one date assigned to their age group. The injured player will receive a score of zero. Previous evaluations and coach evaluations plus Evaluations Committee review will be used to place the player on the appropriate team.

2017 EYSA Evaluations Committee Members
Girl’s Director: Marisa Gilbert
Boy’s Director: Mike Conte
CPD Director: Brandon Putt
Treasurer: Troy Schlappich
Equipment Director: Todd Reinert

NOTE: For insurance reasons, your child's registration fee must be paid in full in order for them to participate in evaluations. Payment can be submitted at check-in, if necessary. If you are new to EYSA please bring a copy of the player's Birth Certificate and a passport size photo.

*Dates and times are subject to change. Changes made in advance will be communicated via email. If evaluations are cancelled due to weather, we will communicate via email and the RainedOut option, which sends a text message to your phone.